Sedation Dentistry

Learn about Sedation Dentistry in Kingman by Dr. Barry Uldrikson

Avoiding the dentist is a habit that many patients fall into because of a busy schedule, but dental anxiety can be something that prevents patients from seeking essential oral health care and isn’t easily overcome without extra care. At Riata Dental, Dr. Uldrikson is certified in providing IV sedation in Kingman, AZ. With our relaxing sedation therapy, you can enjoy your trip to the dentist and benefit from comfortable care.

The Benefits of IV Dental Sedationsedation dentistry in Kingman

Intravenous sedation is different than other common sedatives you might receive at a dental office, such as oral conscious sedation or nitrous oxide. IV sedation promotes a deeper sense of relaxation during care. You will still be conscious during treatment, as IV sedation is not the same as general anesthesia, but you will not be able to recall the events or sensations of your dental experience. The effects of IV sedation can also be easily reversed in-office, so you do not need a driver to take you to your appointment and are not left feeling groggy.

Anxious dental patients who choose IV sedation can take advantage of maximized comfort and appointments that seem to pass in the blink of an eye.

Sedation for Patients of All Ages in Kingman

Our method of sleep dentistry is perfect for adults and children who are at least 5 years of age. Adults who are fearful of the dentist and have put-off even routine checkups because of their anxiety can receive all of the care they need under the soothing effects of sedation. This is especially comforting if your dental needs are extensive and your dental appointment is longer than usual.

Because of his licensure and experience in IV sedation, Dr. Uldrikson can also safely administer IV sedation to children who are squeamish or who have special needs and find it uncomfortable to sit still in a dental chair for any length of time.  IV sedation makes receiving dental care easy for patients who need special attention.

Comfortable Sleep Dentistry for Teeth Restoration and Oral Surgery

Patients who haven’t been to the dentist in years often experience more complex dental problems, such as advanced gum disease and tooth decay. Restoring teeth is essential in limiting damage, but may take lengthier appointments or multiple visits to our Kingman dental office. In these cases, IV sedation is especially helpful in making your trips a positive experience. You can wake from restful relaxation with a new and healthy smile.

IV sedation is also ideal for more complex full-mouth restorations, where teeth extractions and implant placement surgery are required. Dr. Uldrikson can place you into a deep state of comfort while he performs all necessary dental work – you will not recall your procedure and will return to full awareness afterwards, feeling refreshed.

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Dr. Uldrikson and his staff are proud to create healthy smiles and build positive patient relationships with the aid of IV dental sedation in Kingman, AZ. For more information about how sedation can make your next dental visit more comfortable, contact our office today.