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Implants are long-lasting restorations for missing teeth that naturally bond and integrate with your smile, unlike bridges and dentures. Implant dentistry helps patients securely replace missing teeth in their smile and eliminates the problems that are commonly associated with traditional restorations, such as frequent maintenance and limitations in oral function. If you’re looking for a permanent solution to tooth loss, Dr. Uldrickson can meet your needs with dental implants at his Kingman, AZ dental office.

How Implants Save your Smile

An implant is made to be as close as possible to your own, natural teeth and is designed to replace both your organic tooth root and crown. Implants are particularly beneficial for oral health and aesthetic for the following reasons:

Biocompatibility – The portion of an implant that substitutes for your tooth root is a dental implants in Kingman, AZsmall post made of titanium. When placed into jaw bone, the titanium naturally fuses in place. This biocompatibility ensures your new teeth become a seamless addition to your smile and replacement for natural teeth.

No Negative Effect on Surrounding Structures – While placing a dental bridge requires preparing teeth, and removable dentures can irritate soft tissue, dental implants do not require or cause either. Implants are meant to mimic whole, real teeth, so there’s no need to attach your dental prosthetic to existing teeth or have them slip and rub on soft tissue. Implants actually nurture better oral health by stimulating jaw bone volume.

Permanent, Life-Like Restorations – Through being surgically placed into and merging with jaw bone, implants become a long-lasting part of your smile. Because our Kingman, AZ dental implants are topped with cosmetically appealing crowns, bridges, and dentures, you can be sure that your smile will look as natural as possible.

Dr. Uldrikson can surgically place your dental implants in-office, or perform pre-treatments like bone grafting, eliminating the hassle of having to visit an outside oral surgeon. We can also extract severely damaged teeth and replace them in one appointment with same-day implant dentistry for qualified patients. With the help of ICAT cone-beam scanning, Dr. Uldrikson can ensure that your implants are placed with accuracy and precision for improved treatment results.

Whole-Arch Restorations with Implants and Dentures

Implants are the perfect solution for repairing your smile in the event of total tooth loss and allowing you to get rid of your loose, removable dentures for good. Dr. Uldrikson can use just two dental implants to act as stable anchors for dentures. The combination of implants and dentures provide significant benefit for jaw health over a standard denture, along with improvements in daily life and oral function. Our Kingman implant denture patients don’t have to struggle with poorly fitting dentures that can slip and slide on gums. Instead, implant dentures allow you to smile, speak, and enjoy your favorite foods with confidence.

We Repair Implants and Fix Failing Dentures

Implants have a high treatment success rate when care is properly planned and completed. However, it’s possible for an implant to become loose, or to fail, if it is not placed in areas with dense bone volume. If you’ve had your implant placed elsewhere and are concerned that your new tooth is loose or is causing discomfort, please contact our office for a consultation. Our advanced diagnostic and imaging tools allows us to pin-point the issue and replace your failing implant, if needed.

Dr. Uldrikson can also fix loose, bothersome dentures. If your dentures are broken or have become ill-fitting and uncomfortable over the years, it may be time to consider permanent teeth replacement with dental implants. We can repair your current dentures and convert them to implant dentures, so you get new teeth that look great and feel like a natural extension of your smile.

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Dr. Uldrickson and his friendly staff help patients get access to the best options for replacing missing teeth with implants and implant dentures in Kingman, AZ. If you have questions about whether implants will work for you, please contact our office to schedule your consultation.