Completely Restore Your Smile with Comprehensive Dental Implant Treatment

One or more missing teeth can impact more than the aesthetics of your smile. Tooth loss can impact your health and overall quality of life, with repercussions that range from impaired speaking and eating to changes in your facial features.

With their ability to mimic natural teeth, including tooth roots, dental implants are the most reliable form of tooth-replacement solutions available. At Riata Dental we have over 40 years of experience and advanced technology to provide complete implant treatment.

We encourage you to contact our highly respected team today to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants.

The Value of Replacing Missing Teeth

A strong, full-functioning jawbone has constant stimulation from healthy tooth roots to preserve its density and shape. When teeth are missing, there is nothing in place to ensure this vital stimulus and gum recession and bone loss (resorption) can result.

Dental implants provide a highly successful and reliable resolution to combat the numerous complications associated with tooth loss. Dental implants serve as artificial teeth and are made of bio-compatible titanium posts which are easily accepted by the body. Once surgically inserted into the jaw, the implants fuse naturally with living tissue and bone in a process called osseointegration.

Personalized Dental Implant Treatment

dental implants in Kingman, AZ

From your initial consultation to your final, affixed restoration, our team will walk you through every aspect of your treatment. With a keen eye for detail, we can ensure accurate placement of your dental implants while providing you with complete confidence and comfort during your treatment with several sedation options.

We provide the following implant-supported prosthetics for finalizing your personalized dental implant treatment:

Single-Tooth Replacement with Porcelain Crowns- to replace an individual missing tooth at any point in a smile with one implant post per tooth.

Implant-Affixed Bridges- to bridge the gap between existing teeth when two or more are missing in a row. This restoration requires at least two implant posts.

Ceramic, Full-Implant Dentures- to restore one or both arches that are missing most or all of their teeth with a minimum of four to six implants posts.

Each restoration is crafted by the skilled hands of our trusted outside lab for uncompromising quality, and a natural look and function. We use only the highest-quality enamel-colored, porcelain materials, and the latest technology for superior implant restorations.

Let Us Rejuvenate the Health, Function, and Beauty of Your Smile

We understand the limitation that missing teeth can place on just about every aspect of an individuals’ life. To find out more about how dental implants can restore your smile and your confidence contact our friendly and knowledgeable team today! 

We Repair Implants and Fix Failing Dentures

Implants have a high treatment success rate when care is properly planned and completed. However, it’s possible for an implant to become loose, or to fail, if it is not placed in areas with dense bone volume. If you’ve had your implant placed elsewhere and are concerned that your new tooth is loose or is causing discomfort, please contact our office for a consultation. Our advanced diagnostic and imaging tools allows us to pin-point the issue and replace your failing implant, if needed.

Dr. Uldrikson can also fix loose, bothersome dentures. If your dentures are broken or have become ill-fitting and uncomfortable over the years, it may be time to consider permanent teeth replacement with dental implants. We can repair your current dentures and convert them to implant dentures, so you get new teeth that look great and feel like a natural extension of your smile.

Learn more about Implant Dentistry – Contact our Office

Dr. Uldrickson and his friendly staff help patients get access to the best options for replacing missing teeth with implants and implant dentures in Kingman, AZ. If you have questions about whether implants will work for you, please contact our office to schedule your consultation.