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Convenient Teeth Whitening Services

A beautiful, bright smile highlights your overall appearance. However, naturally dazzling teeth are hard to maintain in everyday life.

At Riata Dental, we believe every patient should experience complete confidence when showcasing their smile to the world. Our Kingman practice offers in-office teeth whitening to lift persistent surface stains conveniently and effectively.

Whether you want a brighter smile to promote self-esteem, or you’re preparing for important social or professional events, our team is here to help you achieve dental brilliance that lasts. Contact Riata Dental today!

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Tooth enamel is vulnerable to wear and discoloration. Throughout life, numerous factors such as diet, lifestyle habits, and certain medications can all lead to enamel staining. Highly pigmented foods and beverages such as dark berries, coffee, and red wine contribute to enamel discoloration. Tobacco products also severely stain teeth.

Although regular brushing and flossing are always recommended, these activities only help reduce discoloration to a limited degree. Brushing cannot penetrate the deeper layers of your enamel where relentless stains tend to linger. With professional teeth whitening, however, the potent bleaching gel can eradicate surface stains within a single visit.

How Professional, In-Office Teeth Whitening Can Help

Once your initial consultation is complete, your personalized teeth whitening treatment can begin.

The professional-grade gel is applied to the surfaces of your teeth for about fifteen minutes in three sessions, a total of 45 minutes. This may vary depending on your level of discoloration. Due to its bleaching strength, the gel we use must be professionally supervised and is only available for in-office treatments.

Living with Your Newly Whitened Smile

After your teeth whitening treatment, we provide you with information to help you maintain your newly-enhanced smile at home with optimal oral hygiene habits. Limiting your consumption of stain-causing food products, as well as brushing and flossing regularly, can make your radiant smile last indefinitely.

Ready to Feel Confident When Showing Off Your Smile?

As one of your most prominent features, your smile deserves to look its best with bolstered confidence to match. Ready to make the change? Give our knowledgeable and welcoming team a call today to take the first step in your completely personalized teeth whitening treatment!